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"We are committed to make SUFS a world-class degree offering interpretation/translation institute"

Thank you for visiting our SUFS website.

SUFS was founded in 2003 as a Professional Graduate School offering
interpretation/translation programmes with an urban campus in the centre of a posh area at the nation’s capital. Since then we have earned great recognition as a leading degree offering translation & interpretation education institute. Our founding philosophy is
“Nurturing cosmopolitans equipped with open mindedness”.

This makes us focus on our education not only in languages, but also in international politics & economy, arts,
IT which are increasingly becoming hot topics all around the world. Such an approach allows our students to be highly capable of being an expert interpreter or a translator on the international stage armed with professional knowledge on various fields

We have also ceaselessly put effort to attract many renowned interpreters and translators in the market as
teaching staff members to allow our students have access to much tailored care and advice.
Plus, our Interpretation & Translation Centre actively provide our students with opportunities to participate in
international conferences and thus letting them gain hands-on experience. Being fully equipped to get rid of
stage-fright through much hands-on experience, our students successfully pave their way into some of key
government ministries(Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Strategy and Finance), economic organisations (The federation of Korean Industries), major banks(Korea Exchange Bank, CitiBank, Bank of China) and many other too
much to specify every one of them.

SUFS is very proud of all these achievements, but it is too early to be complacent. We are now prepared for
a much challenging yet exciting journey to dramatically upgrade SUFS as a world-class graduate school in
interpretation and translation.
This is not a goal too difficult to be fetched. Especially your great interest in SUFS as “interpreter or translator wannabes” would certainly be the prime driving force to make ourselves better than ever. So we kindly ask all prospected students to be stay tuned to witness our achievements to come, and hope see you in SUFS in the near future. Thank you.

Seoul University of Foreign Studies

PhD. (Doctor of Political Science) Youn, Hai-su