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Study rooms and Locker room

SUFS is equipped with seven study rooms spacious enough to house 4-5 students. These study rooms are ideal for small-group students to practice interpretation. Also a locker room allows all students at SUFS have their own safe place to keep books

Recording and broadcast ready room (A/V Room)

Our students can get full access to main global TV channels such as CNN, BBC, AFN, CCTV4, NHK and other Korean channels broadcasted in foreign languages. Recording facilities allow students to record programmes they want to take home to review. Moreover, wide selection of DVDs lets students to easily access to various films in foreign languages.

Computer lab

The lab is equipped with 20 computers to let our students get high-speed internet access whenever needed.

Simultaneous interpretation practice rooms (2 booths/room, 3 booths/room)

SUFS has two small to mid-sized simultaneous interpretation practice rooms. One is furnished with two booths and another is equipped with three booths. These are ideal places for small-group simultaneous interpretation practicing.

Main simultaneous interpretation practice room (4 booths/room)

This room accommodates up to 30 people and is furnished with four booths allowing relay
interpreting involving more than three languages. This venue is good for mid-sized student groups for
practicing simultaneous interpretation.

Multimedia classroom

This classroom is fully furnished with a DVD player, satellite broadcast receiver,
beam projector and a fitting large sized screen.

Auditorium & International conference hall

This venue is nicely outfitted with six booths for simultaneous interpretation and
houses up to 160 people at the same time. Plus, state-of-the-art conferencing
facilities add maximum flexibility to hold a wide spectrum of events.